The Sixfold framework originally approved by the NAJC BC Redress project, the NAJC executine board, and the BC Government, is now implemented through JCLS and includes anti-racism (non-monetary, involving acknowledgment); seniors’ health & wellness; heritage; community & culture; monument; and education.

As part of the Education pillar, a team of BC-based educators have been brought on board to help design, develop, and build a brand-new digital learning hub dedicated to teaching Japanese Canadian history. 

The Teacher Resources Committee is composed of 17 BC-based teachers, many with Nikkei heritage, from the K – 12 education sector who will serve on a two – three year contract. Project Director Mike Perry-Whittingham will lead the cohort in the creation of these educational resources. 

The Teaching Resources Committee was created with a core advisory committee of Masako Fukawa, Greg Miyanaga, Vivian Wakabayashi Rygnestad, and Connie Kadota.

Japanese Canadian Legacies are initiatives that honour our elders past and present. We are grateful to be doing this work on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples.